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MontefiasconeIn the year 1111, German Bishop Defuk, a devoted lover of wine was on his way to Rome from his hometown of Augsburg, in order to attend the coronation of the new Pope.

The Bishop was in the habit of sending his major domo ahead of him on his travels with orders to write the word "Est" (it is), in chalk, on any door that had a particularly good wine.

In Montefiascone, a hilltop town just north of Rome, the wine was so fine that the majordomo got carried away and wrote "Est Est Est" on the door of the local inn.

Legend has it that the Bishop was so enthused by the wine in Montefiascone, that he remained there for the rest of his life, never making it to the papal coronation.

In fact his tomb is still there for all to see and Montefiascone has since become world-famous for the excellence of its wine.

This concept of excellence also lies behind Est Est Est, the well known gastronomic mecca and wine shop in Sliema, making shopping there a unique experience.

The range of gourmet foods and treats to be found within Est Est Est Malta (owned and managed by M.Demajo Wines & Spirits Ltd.), is indeed a vast one, guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning of tastes.

Products vary from fine wines and spirits, to confectionery and a vast choice of gastronomic delicacies from some of the most reputable international brands.

Moreover, the fully trained staff at Est Est Est, provide a personalized service ranging from the making up of customized gift hampers, to the stylish wrapping of individual items as presents to loved ones or business associates.

Est Est Est should definitely be top of mind for lovers of the finer things in life.